Friday, November 6, 2009

The Banality of Evil Characters

I rather enthusiastically entertain the notion of a game that lets you play as an evil character. The concept of strolling into your favorite RPG village and laying waste to all those familiar yokels is appealing. Playing a power hungry megalomaniac also has a nice ring to it. However, when playing an evil character your acts become banal when you've slaughtered the same village 10 times, or chopped the head off of every passer-by, or even gone on several rampages against the authorities(i.e. police, guards, etc...)

For an act of atrocity to truly feel atrocious, it has to be being observed from the perspective of someone who considers themselves good. They also need to see the one committing the act as good prior to the act.

If you go along robbing and killing everyone you meet, everyone will expect that behavior and in time come to accept their plight as the oppressed.

So how do you create a world for an evil character, where the acts of evil mean something? How can an evil character be seen as anything but evil? And how do you create things for an evil character to do that don't become boring after the first couple times the player does it?

The game industry has yet to satisfy these questions with any current games. Maybe you or I can find them.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Unavoidable Niche Market

Games, movies, television programs, music, and even websites, are all designed to be seen or heard by us; The Target Customer. What kind of music do you like? Rock, Hip Hop, D&B? Any music that fits into those categories was designed to be in that category. Although artists don't always like the idea of being "pigeonholed" into one category, it is unavoidably necessary to decide beforehand what that category is going to be.

Gamers are seperated into three categories; "Objective based", "Competition based", "Personal Challenge" (i.e. breaking your previous high score). Gamers have been even further divided into "hardcore" gamers and "casual" gamers.

Objective based gamers like to see progression. They will often try to complete every achievment in a game even after they have played through the storyline. Or they might try to "max out" their characters by leveling up. These players tend to like open world, sandbox, and RPG style games, in which a certain amount of choice is given to the player to complete those objectives in their desired order.

Competition based gamers love to go head to head with other players. Often the only reason they will play through the storyline is to get "good enough" at the game to feel confident going up against other players. Multiplayer capabilities are a must for this demographic. They want to see public leaderboards and killboards with their names on them, and might set their sights on knocking the person off the top.

Personal Challenge based gamers like to best their own high scores. They like to challenge themselves rather than other people. Arcade games and Strategy games are popular amongst these gamers.

Even if you feel like you may enjoy a little from all three columns, as I do, there is still one group to which, you predominantly belong.

Why does this matter?

If you are designing a game, you have to consider the possibility that the ONLY ones who will buy it, are the ones you designed it for. Which also means; if you designed a game for yourself, you might be the only one who buys it. :)

Decide who your target customer is before you ever start brainstorming an idea, and your pre-production phase will go a lot easier. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

What Happened to Storefronts?

Recently I started a modest BPO store on mygamescribe blog. I'm excited about having it open, even if it is only a couple of items.

This got me thinking about one of the things I don't like about selling on the open market in EVE. There's no real way to know what corporations built and/or created the sell order, outside of creating a private buyer/seller relationship with another corporation.

The ability to develop a public image is essential to a corporation. A corporation's public image determines its life or death.

There was talk of the implementation of "Storefronts" in EVE. In the end it wasn't fleshed out enough to put it in-game. While a full on "Storefront" sounds nice on a lot of levels, I would at least like to see a simple way to show the public what your corp provides.

A market order tab on a corporation's info menu would provide an easy way for a potential buyer to see what your corporation has on the open market. It would also provide better opportunities for corporations who want to create an identity for themselves as a supplier of a particular constellation or region.

The current system relies largely on the market hubs that exist in a handful of Empire systems. A market order tab would spread the economy out, even allowing corporations to establish small hubs in low sec.

Was anyone else really looking forward to the Storefront feature?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Altus Provisio Retires from the Militia

After spending almost an entire year in the Amarr Militia, Altus Provisio has retired from the war.

It was not an easy decision to come to. Service to the Empire is taken pretty seriously by Altus. In the end, we determined that the best way to serve the Empire was to expand ourselves as much as possible, and hopefully instill in those with whom we associate, some of the values that the Empire has given us.

Our time in the war was well served and memorable. Several of our members achieved the highest rank, "Divine Commodore". I myself was present for battles against multiple Minmatar capital ships, and felt the hard grind of the fight for control of militia systems. Altus will be holding a ceremony to recognize the war heroes in the corp where they will receive medals for their individual efforts.

For now, we have shifted our attention to null-sec. Our corp's industrial needs will only be filled by null-sec resources and it has come time to start forging entryways into the frenzy of competition for high end resources.

So we have joined Violent Society Alliance to even further our ability to provide ships and modules to the people of our Empire. Our journeys will be wrought with peril, and the harsh reality of null-sec could prove colder than we have forseen.

But we are capsuleers, immortal and boundless. There is no battle that can take our lives. We will stand at the end of time, as cold as the space that could not claim us.

Monday, May 18, 2009

CSM: Time to Vote!!!

Make sure and cast your vote in this CSM election! You can cast your vote here -

Vote Here

Poster is courtesy of Articulated Sky.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Altus Provisio's Birthday

My corporation, Altus Provisio, turned 1 year old this month. Upon reflection it's hard to believe it's only been a year!

When we started the corporation, we were just mining, building ships, and running COSMOS missions. Our first goal was to have the corporate average standing high enough to anchor a POS in high security space. Soon after constructing the stations, the Minmatar war against the Amarr began. Being loyal to our Empire, and now Empress, we felt it was our duty to join the frontlines.

We knew we needed more people to have combat pilots running and a strong industrial backbone to supply them with a constant stream of expendable ships and modules all in the name of the Empire. So we started recruiting some newer players that would be anxious to cut their teeth in the warzone.

Meanwhile our industrial team began setting up the infrastructure to build tech 2 ships and modules. This required multiple stations dedicated to reactions and a lot of time training invention skills.

Upon the advent of the destruction of Selyin and the appearance of wormholes, our industrial guys are again swamped with a breadth of information to digest, hopefully in time to be competitive in the new market.

On the evening of our corporation's birthday, one of our directors, Darth A30NZ called for all the founding members to join him at our research station for an assembly. He asked that we fly our proudest ships. I showed up in my Omen, Navy Issue.

Darth had spent the days previous running to all parts of space to buy these 'Complex Fullerene' shards. He explained that there was an event years ago, in which a Jovian and been killed in a catastrophic event, while trying to use a special gate that he had employed.

Each of the founding members recieved one of these shards, for which we were grateful and excited! I'm going to spend some time researching the stories about the origin of the shards. In the meantime, Happy Birthday Altus Provisio!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Skill Plan

The Skill Plan

After recieving my Elite Certificates for both Amarr Executive Commander and Amarr Engineer, I decided I wanted to work toward flying a Damnation. All I needed was Long Range Targeting V and Logistics IV. In 5 days I will be finishing Logistics IV and am yet again faced with a tough decision about what to train next.

I need hull upgrades V to get the most out of its tank.
I need heavy missiles V to utilize the t2 heavy missile launchers.
Positives are that hull upgrades V will affect all my ships

On the other side, I need to get back to my industrial trainings. Reverse Engineering is the next step in t3 production for our corp. We have artifacts and the experimental labs to research them. This in itself will be a very long skill plan. In the meantime, our corporation waits to reap the benefits of tech 3

Ultimately I chose the Damnation path because I wanted something new to fly. I could say a whole lot more but it would really come down to needing a new toy. And I will probably go ahead and do hull upgrades V because I've been putting it off for too long.

This all got me to wondering what other capsuleers consider when choosing their skill plans. It would be interesting to hear what has caused people to take specific training paths in their careers.

What makes you train what you train?

Monday, May 4, 2009

EVE Player Blogroll Lovefest & OPML Download

Thanks to CrazyKinux from CrazyKinux' Musings for adding New Eden According to Prophet to the EVE Player Blogroll Lovefest. The lovefest is a compiled list of a lot of bloggers from the EVE community. If you like to read blogs from the EVE community or if you are a blogger yourself, head on over to this link and start clicking the follow button.

Also a salute goes out to Galen_Druid at Wandering Druid of Tranquility for providing the OPML download for the EVE Player Blogroll. This makes it real easy to import all the player blogs into any reader.

Again, Thanks. I'm proud to be part of the community!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

(OOC) EVE Skills Help in RL!

When I started playing EVE two years ago, I set out immediately to start my own industrial corporation. We were just a few RL friends mining and building ships. We set goals, and started growing. We're still a small corporation by all standards, but the corporation makes isk. We make enough isk to invest most of it in new ventures, and still keep the profit. I never really thought of myself as a leader before being a CEO in EVE.

Now, in my senior year at game design school, as I began to treat RL team management like EVE team management, I noticed that the skill carried over.

I was elected as project manager for our graduation project by my class. I realized right away that I was approaching the group with more confidence and assertion, due to my dealings with my EVE corporation. I layed out goals, set plans, and assigned tasks. I ran into some EVE-like problems though.

Real people, like capsuleers, have their own agendas, keep their own best interests, and are always looking for something other than the grind to stimulate them. By implementing group communication techniques that are new and trendy, and keep people using new technologies, group interest in a project can stay fresh.

One thing that has helped our project is a Wiki. This is an awesome project management tool. If you're like me, just having a wiki to edit makes me 'want' to post content and create pages. The rest of the team follows suit and the ability to comment makes team members feel like their opinions will be heard by the entire team, where in a board-room-type setting they might not speak up.

Social networking sites like twitter and facebook that offer SMS updates to be sent directly to or from mobile devices are also a neat utility. Team members can send and recieve instant updates to the entire group. Having that information instantly gives a much more 'live' feel to the project. It makes it feel like it's running 24/7 which keeps the team more actively involved.

EVE runs 24/7. There is a live feel to the EVE universe because it never stops. Even when the servers are down for DT, characters continue training, POS's continue churning materials, and the isk printing machines(corps) keep printing isk. People from all over the world can contribute to the corporation because of being able to utilize in-game communications methods as well as external web based resources to convey corporate goals, policies, and tasks.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

(OOC)Testing Mobile Blogging

Just got the ability to start mobile blogging.

looks like I lack the functionality to post titles to the mobile blogs... Not cool

So Blogger offers the 'mobile blogging' function which allows one to post blogs by sending a simple SMS text message from a mobile device. While initially this sounded like a cool feature, it simply lacks any type of document formatting which forces you into one-line posts in something akin to twitter. Just having the ability to post a title would make all the difference.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Exploration Log: 111.04.17

Exploration Log: 111.04.17
Locus: Classified
Class: 2

Vast Frontier Reservoir - Fullerite-C32, Fullerite-C38
Barren Perimeter Reservoir - Fullerite-C50, Fullerite-C60
Token Perimeter Reservoir - Fullerite-C60, Fullerite-C70
Minor Perimeter Reservoir - Fullerite-C70, Fullerite-C72
Sizable Perimeter Deposit - Fullerite-C50, Fullerite-C84

Personal Note: All these sites in one system!? Better get the corp in on this.

End Log

Monday, April 13, 2009

Exploration Log: 111.04.12

Exploration Log: 111.04.12
Locale: Locus signature classified

Minor Perimeter Reservoir - Fullerite-C70, Fullerite-C72
2 Cruisers

Personal Note: The last Minor Perimeter Reservoir had the same level of defenses, 2 cruisers.

End Log

Friday, April 10, 2009

Exploration Log: 111.04.09

Exploration Log: 111.04.09
Locale: Locus signature classified

Minor Perimeter Reservoir - Fullerite-C70, Fullerite-C72
2 Cruisers

Personal Note: Capsuleers on GalNet have discussed enough of their own research to fill the holes in my own. R&D is going to have a field day.

End Log

(OOC)Screenshot Slideshow

Just messing around with Photobucket...
I love screenshots

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith: Part 6

I've been spending a lot of time with the people that live at 'Altus Mining' station, and I feel I'm finally starting to develop a rapport with some of them. When I first arrived, people peered at me through the windows in their living quarters as I walked through the hallways, and everyone I spoke to stammered and fumbled their words as though I might execute them for saying the wrong thing. This troubled me deeply, and is due no doubt to the portrayal of Amarr capsuleers in the media. Holders are seen by many as slave driving gluttons consumed with power and riches. For most, it's quite the contrary. So I made a personal vow to show them that while we posses untold power some capsuleers wield it responsibly and lead with the good of the people in mind, and ultimately to show them the way to God.

Tonight, after bringing the fuel in, I brought some of the crew along for inspection of Altus' line of Exhumers, after which I brought them aboard my personal Exhumer, the 'Altus Maximus I'. I showed them how to maintain the specialized strip miners that require focusing crystals for the beams. Most of them had never seen this type of strip miner before. I promised the ship maintenance crew that I would take a few of them out to an asteroid belt tomorrow and actually get some mining done. They were more than excited.

Turns out that one of the crew has actually been with me since my first 'Omen' crew. His name is 'Ulias Naida'. After crewing the Omen, he was aboard my first mining barge and eventually the 'Altus Maximus I'. When we formed Altus he was re-stationed at 'Altus Mining' station due to my constatnt activity in the Crusade and my mining activities falling to the wayside.

After learning of Ulias Naida's continuing service and loyalty, I approached him about attending Hedion University to become a capsuleer. He was speechless, before he excitedly accepted. I also told him that I would personally fly him to Hedion to begin his schooling. He told me that he never dreamed that he would rise above his current station in life. And I told him that, "Service, be it to the people, or to God will always be rewarded in time.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Exploration Log: 111.04.04

Exploration Log: 111.04.04
Locale: Locus signature classified

Barren Perimeter Reservoir - Fullerite-C50, Fullerite-C60
5 Emergent Frigates

Personal Note: Emergent software makes these drones feel alive. However, not one has acknowledged any communication requests. Attempts to hack their software remotely have also been unsuccessful.

End Log

Friday, April 3, 2009

Exploration Log: 111.04.03

Exploration Log: 111.04.03
Locale: Locus signature classified

Sizable Perimeter Deposit - Fullerite-C50, Fullerite-C84
6 - Emergent Frigates

I focused my intent on the C84 per the requisitions from R&D.

Personal Note: I will continue to personally oversee the research done on these fullerites. Each moment I spend searching for them is more gratifying than the next.

End Log

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Research Log: 111.04.02

Research Log: 111.04.02

Fullerite-c70 Gas:

Shock-induced phase transitions of C70 fullerite with hexagonal close-packed structure were experimentally studied in the pressure range 8 to 36 GPa. It was found that C70 fullerite undergoes a series of polymorphic phase transitions under step-like shock-wave compression. The hexagonal close-packed structure of C70 fullerite remained practically unchanged at shock pressure up to 8 GPa. Shock-induced transformation of the hexagonal structure into face centered cubic structure was fixed at pressures in the range 8-23.5 GPa. The depth of this transformation increases with the shock pressure. Upon further increase of the shock pressure the destruction of C70 molecules occurs. This destruction is accompanied by the formation of graphite-like carbon.

End Log

(OOC Source)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith: Part 5

It was 111.03.11 when the reports started coming in about the wormholes popping up all over the cluster. This both excited and frightened me. Of course I was anxious to research and explore these new anomalies, but I could sense this was a foreboding event. It was like the pink sky during a morning rain on Kador Prime, telling all who witnessed it of the tempest to follow that afternoon.

However, I was not deterred. I knew this had to be the event my dream told me of, so I went straight to it.

At first, I found only what others are reporting; evidence of some ancient peoples whose technology surpasses our own. Then, after nearly three weeks, I found something of note. I located a deposit of strange gasses called fullerite-c60 and fullerite-c70. My databases showed no records of these gasses in New Eden, and my scans determined them to be pure and volatile. So I returned to known space to get a proper ship and some help from my corp mates.

I refit "The Scientia" with some gas harvesters, and rallied Darth and Zyra to go with me. Darth was to bring the industrial ship to haul the gas back to Empire. We set to harvesting the gas, when almost immediately, a small group of Sleeper drones warped in.

"Strange that they would still be protecting these deposits.", I thought.

Darth, immediately got the gas to a safespot, while Zyra and I made quick work of the Sleepers. I gave Darth the all clear to bring the industrial back in. Knowing the space wasn't safe, I was also directionaly scanning every few seconds. This helps in a lot of situations, but not when ships are cloaked.

Darth had them on scan moments before I did. He called out, "Broadsword, Scorpion, and Eos on scan!"

I commanded, "Get out! Get the gas out of here, now!"

No sooner than the last word had left my mouth, the Broadsword landed right on top of me and dropped a warp disruption sphere just in time to see Darth disappear from the overview with our gas safe in hand. We had already won the fight, even though I new this was the end for my Harbinger.

I burned for the edge of the sphere's effect range. Then I saw the Scorpion, Eos, and a Baalghorn land a few short kilometers from me. Missiles and lasers rained on "The Scientia" for almost five minutes. Although I was on the brink of escape several times, my Harbinger simply couldn't out maneuver the smaller, much more nimble Broadsword. Eventually, "The Scientia" was no more.

In a stroke of luck, the Broadsword had switched from using his warp distruption sphere, to a focused script. That allowed me the opportunity to escape in my capsule, as there was not enough time to drop a new bubble before I could get out. I smiled and told the pirates, "Good fight." I new we had protected the harvest and I knew they had enjoyed destroying my ship, even if they didn't get much from it...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Labyrinth: Takhmal Temple Site

Finally! After almost a month, I was able to complete my archeology training for a return trip to the Takhmal Temple site in the Labyrinth.

When the temple site has a full spawn, it is;
4 - Scramming Frigates
9 - Cruisers
-- 3 - Thorax'
-- 3 - Mallers
-- 3 - Moas
2 - Battleships

The groups spawn in different intervals. The cruisers spawn in their respective groups of 3, the frigs all spawn together, and the battleships spawn together. So if you're in a group, managing aggro can be a bit of a challenge. Whoever has the best tank can hold the aggro from the cruisers and battleships, and the group can repeatedly kill the frigs, or if the group has enough DPS then the entire spawn can be wiped quickly enough.

I'm still unclear on one part though. I didn't find any of the takhmal skillbooks in the temple site. It was my understanding that this was where they would be found. I need to do a bit of research to find out the frequency of high value drops in the temple.

All in all, we made around 20mil with the artifacts and bounties between the three of us, in just over 2hrs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

(OOC) Apology

Sorry for the lack of posts. School finals have taken most of my time this month.

In game, our corporation has been expanding as well, forcing me to prioritize corp management skills. While that is a good thing, archeology IV has been moved to the back burner unfortunately. :(

As soon as everything cools out, and I get archeo IV, I will post a detailed report on the Labyrinth Temple Site.

I've also been working on another piece for the "Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith" short fiction series. I'm excited about moving forward with this series, and looking forward to your comments.

Thanks for reading. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Crusader's Prayer

God, guide my thoughts. Arrest my emotions. Contain my spirit.

Give me the voice to speak your will. Give my enemies the ears to hear it.
If they will hear none, give me the zeal to dispatch them lest I be dispatched.

And please bless our leaders with compassion, and the leaders of our enemies with empathy.

"By His Light and His Will".


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mapping the Labyrinth

Well I finally bit the bullet, and spent the hours needed to map out a route through the labyrinth! Getting there wasn't that bad though, because I made lots of isk on the way in. :)

The Labyrinth is an Amarr COSMOS site in the Aphi Solar System. It is the location of an ancient Takhmal Temple and is probably the best place in all of known space for an Archeologist to hang out.

In order to enter the Labyrinth, first you need to have completed the missions for The Museum's Curator. The museum is another COSMOS site in the Zimse solar system. You will need the archeology skill just to get in the Museum, and you will definately need it to complete the Curator's missions as he will have you searching for artifacts within the Museum. Once you have completed The Curator's missions, he will give you a 'key to the Labyrinth'. Don't forget to put the key in your cargo holds. :)

When you're ready to enter the Labyrinth, take a battleship to the Aphi system, and warp to the Sun. There you will find the 'Entrance to the Labyrinth'.

The Labyrinth is made up of at least 10 different 'rooms'. These rooms can be distinguished by the placement of the acceleration gates within the room. Using the sun as true north, rotate your view so you are looking down on your ship and the sun is at the top-center of the screen. This is the first room, with the compass directions attached for reference.

Here is a list of the 10 rooms I've mapped so far, labeled with their respective cardinal gate placement:

Room 1 - N, E, S, W ---------------------------------------------- North(to 3), East(to 2)
Room 2 - N, E, SW, NW --------------------------------- North(restricted*), East(to 3)
Room 3 - NE, SE, S, W - Northeast(to 4), Southeast(to 7), South(to 1), West(to 6)
Room 4 - E, S, SW, W -------------------------------------- Southwest(to 5), West(to 8)
Room 5 - N, E, SE, W - West(restricted*), Southeast(to 1), East(to 2), North(to 6)
Room 6 - N, E, S, SW -------- Southwest(to 5), South(to 7), East(to 3), North(to 4)
Room 7 - N, E, SE, S - East(to 5), Southeast(to 1), South(to 6), North(restricted*)
Room 8 - N, SE, W, NW ------------------------------------ Southeast(to 1), West(to 9)
Room 9 - N, NE, E, S -------------------- North(to 6), Northeast(to 10), South(to 4)
Room 10 N, S, SW, W ----------------------------------------------- North(TO TEMPLE)
*All restricted gates are limited to t1/t2 Frigates and Destroyers, t1 Cruisers, and Industrials

The shortest route to the temple site is:
From Room 1 >
North(to 3)
Northeast(to 4)
West(to 8)
West(to 9)
Northeast(to 10)

Bring an Analyzer, and a TANK.
Fly safe! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith: Part 4

I was fully aware of the fact that I was passing out. I could feel the blackness creeping over the back of my skull, and around to the front, closing my vision to pinholes. The funny thing is, once I had passed out completely, I felt lucid.

Everything around me felt real...

I was aboard an Abaddon, in space. I wasn't in my pod however. I was drifting down the main deck toward the forward observation area that extends beyond the capsule encasement chamber. I had only ever been here aboard my own Abaddon for inspections. Then I fell to my knees.

Empress Sarum was standing before me! She spoke, and I went numb, no longer lucid. "This had to be a dream.", I thought.

"There is an event coming.", she said calmly. "It will change the face of New Eden forever. Whether you know it or not, the work you're doing out here is invaluable to The Empire. You and those of your chosen profession, whom are also loyal to God, and their Empire are needed. Be ye not afraid of the 'unknown', surrender yourself to God's will."

...I awoke in "The Scientia". My armor repairers were running, and the radar site had been cleared of the Blood Raiders inhabiting it. In my cargo, were the bounties of codebreaking their terminals. I immediately commanded the ship to warp for the nearest stargate, and began to contemplate the implications of 'the dream'.

I thought, "There's no way The Empress would ever speak to me. I have never been worthy of her presence."

I thought about what Okhansa had said, "I knew you were coming, Prophet. I also know what I need to tell you, even though I don't know what you want to ask...Follow it."

I knew that no matter what I thought, I had to keep looking, following this path of strange signatures and anomalies. I wasn't even sure what I was looking for. I just knew that my God, and my Empress had asked service of me.

And I surrendered...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith: Part 3

I can still hear Darth's voice comming over the coms channel...

"I'm gonna engage him!"

We had returned to the Exit solarsystem to search for the source of those strange signals. Darth had joined me in his Retribution class assault ship, while I was in my cov-ops scan probing ship. There was a lot of hostile movement in the sector. On the way in, we had passed systems with handfulls of known criminals... But we weren't deterred.

Once we were in the Exit system, Darth began searching for cosmic anomallies, while I looked for cosmic signatures. Two hostiles jumped into the system, and immediately started chasing Darth. Darth finally jumped to the Access system and the main aggressor followed him. The second stayed behind to keep an eye on me. After a short time of not being able to find me, he too left.

"I'm gonna engage him!", Darth shouted.

It was an Ishkur, another assault ship, so his chances were fair. I took the opportunity to examine the radar signature I had located. The last thing I heard was Darth saying that his ship's hull was breaking apart...

...Then I passed out, which is not something you want to do in space...

Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith: Part 2

I exited my quarters into the hallway of the Kador Family Bureau orbiting Kador Prime. At the end of the hall was a doorway, with a large banner of the Amarr crest on one side, and the Kador Family crest on the other. I had studied here under one of the families personal theologians, Jin Okhansa, before I was old enough to go to The Royal Amarr Institute.

When I entered, Okhansa was standing at the alter in the ceremonial red robes of the Amarr clergy, "I knew you were coming, Prophet. I also know what I need to tell you, even though I don't know what you want to ask."

I knelt before Okhansa, "I do not seek council, M'lord. I am here to profess, in God's house, in your witness that I am prepared to do whatever it takes to serve His will. I am now, and will remain His faithful servant until the end of time. By His light and His will. Amen."

"I know your affirmation of faith pleases the Lord, Prophet. But He has brought you here for me to tell you only one thing... Follow it... Follow it Prophet."

I rose, gave Okhansa a nod of conviction, turned, and walked back down the long corridor to the docking bay.

Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith: New Series

This series of blogs is going to be driven by in-game events, told from a 1st person perspective, in-character.

Here's a little character background:

My name is TheOnlyProphet. I am a Ni-Kunni loyal to the Amarr Empire. I started as a prospector by trade, and now I am a full fledged scientist. I am the CEO of Altus Provisio, a loyal industrial corporation that has because of duty joined the Amarr Militia, The 24th Crusade. I am our corporation's only explorer, as well, so I regularly fly off for days, sometimes weeks at a time, excavating archeological sites, and codebreaking top secret pirate faction's scientific information.

Watch here for the Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith series.


Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith: Part 1

Actions Log
Listener: TheOnlyProphet
Session started: 2009.01.29 23:09:09
[ 2009.01.29 23:12:31 ] (notify) Warping to Stargate (Exit)
[ 2009.01.29 23:13:19 ] (None) Jumping to Stargate (Access) in Exit solarsystem......

...and that's when I snapped out of it...

For those that don't know, I'm a bit of an explorer. I often disappear for sometimes days at a time, to the border systems, and nether regions of space. Most times I am looking for ancient technologies, or foreign decryption components. But this time, I was following something different...

For several systems I had been moving along, dropping scan probes as I went. And in each and every one I found traces of an unknown cosmic signature. It was very faint in some systems, and very large in others. I quit using the map entirely and just jumped from system to system. When I snapped out of it, I realized I was sitting in the 'Exit' solar system in the Genesis Region.

The Genesis region is the origin of all our races, now scarred by a cataclysmic event in which the wormhole called the EVE gate collapsed. Most of you know that much of our history. But the fact that the entire region is mostly bare of natural resources has left the area deemed low-security by CONCORD. I had before this day, never been near the EVE gate.

... and there it was staring me in the face. I had been drawn there as if God was directing me toward my fate. I turned around and made full speed for Empire, where I promptly setup a Battlecruiser class ship, called The Scientia, specifically for scientific exploration, codebreaking, and artifact analyzing. I'm in position now to begin a full scale investigation into these mysterious signatures. I will report my findings here.

"By His light and His will."

Monday, February 16, 2009

T3 Production Chain

I'm already planning my first expedition into wormhole space!

how do i build a strategic cruiser?
reported by CCP Chronotis 2009.02.15 16:10:30
By now you should know that Strategic Cruisers are the new group of modular ships we are adding in Apocrypha and that these ships are assembled from five subsystems which fit into the ship hull/chassis. You should also know that most of the raw materials will be sourced from wormhole space...

...The Short and Sweet Summary
Subsystems and hulls are manufactured from components; components are manufactured from a mix of Sleeper NPC salvage and Polymers. Polymers come from a reaction of minerals and fullerenes. Fullerenes are a new type of harvestable gas. The blueprints or reactions needed to facilitate these are also found within wormhole space.

New Eden Translation
We're going to have to find ways in-and-out of wormhole space with ships that can kill Sleepers(which are using advanced AI), or ships that can mine the new minerals, or harvest the new gas. Of course that ship had better have a way to scan for wormholes, or have a friend that can, else you'll never be able to get your resources to where it matters...

The Production Chain
There are new starbase structures that will be required to run these new reactions, as well as manufacture the hulls and subsystems.

- Polymers
Polymers are going to be made from a reaction of minerals and fullerenes. This will require a regular silo(minerals) and a biochemical silo(fullerenes) as inputs to a polymer reactor w/ the appropriate polymer reaction blueprint, and a polymer silo(polymers) for the output.

- Components
While manufactured on a normal component assembly array, the blueprints for the components can only be found in exploration sites(presumably also in w-space). They will require 3 different types of Sleeper NPC salvage, and 4 different polymer types.

In effect, every member of our corporation, no matter their proffession will have some way to contribute to our T3 production, whether it be through ratting and salvaging in w-space, or mining the new w-space minerals, exploring to find not only the wormhole entrances and exits, but also to find the blueprints and other valuable links in the production chain.

I'm very excited, as an explorer and resource gatherer, and also as a CEO for all the new industrial opportunities this will introduce, including role-playing scenarios. Thumbs up to CCP for concept. I'm anticipating the implementation so much I can't stand myself. :)