Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith: Part 6

I've been spending a lot of time with the people that live at 'Altus Mining' station, and I feel I'm finally starting to develop a rapport with some of them. When I first arrived, people peered at me through the windows in their living quarters as I walked through the hallways, and everyone I spoke to stammered and fumbled their words as though I might execute them for saying the wrong thing. This troubled me deeply, and is due no doubt to the portrayal of Amarr capsuleers in the media. Holders are seen by many as slave driving gluttons consumed with power and riches. For most, it's quite the contrary. So I made a personal vow to show them that while we posses untold power some capsuleers wield it responsibly and lead with the good of the people in mind, and ultimately to show them the way to God.

Tonight, after bringing the fuel in, I brought some of the crew along for inspection of Altus' line of Exhumers, after which I brought them aboard my personal Exhumer, the 'Altus Maximus I'. I showed them how to maintain the specialized strip miners that require focusing crystals for the beams. Most of them had never seen this type of strip miner before. I promised the ship maintenance crew that I would take a few of them out to an asteroid belt tomorrow and actually get some mining done. They were more than excited.

Turns out that one of the crew has actually been with me since my first 'Omen' crew. His name is 'Ulias Naida'. After crewing the Omen, he was aboard my first mining barge and eventually the 'Altus Maximus I'. When we formed Altus he was re-stationed at 'Altus Mining' station due to my constatnt activity in the Crusade and my mining activities falling to the wayside.

After learning of Ulias Naida's continuing service and loyalty, I approached him about attending Hedion University to become a capsuleer. He was speechless, before he excitedly accepted. I also told him that I would personally fly him to Hedion to begin his schooling. He told me that he never dreamed that he would rise above his current station in life. And I told him that, "Service, be it to the people, or to God will always be rewarded in time.

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