Sunday, May 31, 2009

Altus Provisio Retires from the Militia

After spending almost an entire year in the Amarr Militia, Altus Provisio has retired from the war.

It was not an easy decision to come to. Service to the Empire is taken pretty seriously by Altus. In the end, we determined that the best way to serve the Empire was to expand ourselves as much as possible, and hopefully instill in those with whom we associate, some of the values that the Empire has given us.

Our time in the war was well served and memorable. Several of our members achieved the highest rank, "Divine Commodore". I myself was present for battles against multiple Minmatar capital ships, and felt the hard grind of the fight for control of militia systems. Altus will be holding a ceremony to recognize the war heroes in the corp where they will receive medals for their individual efforts.

For now, we have shifted our attention to null-sec. Our corp's industrial needs will only be filled by null-sec resources and it has come time to start forging entryways into the frenzy of competition for high end resources.

So we have joined Violent Society Alliance to even further our ability to provide ships and modules to the people of our Empire. Our journeys will be wrought with peril, and the harsh reality of null-sec could prove colder than we have forseen.

But we are capsuleers, immortal and boundless. There is no battle that can take our lives. We will stand at the end of time, as cold as the space that could not claim us.

Monday, May 18, 2009

CSM: Time to Vote!!!

Make sure and cast your vote in this CSM election! You can cast your vote here -

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Poster is courtesy of Articulated Sky.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Altus Provisio's Birthday

My corporation, Altus Provisio, turned 1 year old this month. Upon reflection it's hard to believe it's only been a year!

When we started the corporation, we were just mining, building ships, and running COSMOS missions. Our first goal was to have the corporate average standing high enough to anchor a POS in high security space. Soon after constructing the stations, the Minmatar war against the Amarr began. Being loyal to our Empire, and now Empress, we felt it was our duty to join the frontlines.

We knew we needed more people to have combat pilots running and a strong industrial backbone to supply them with a constant stream of expendable ships and modules all in the name of the Empire. So we started recruiting some newer players that would be anxious to cut their teeth in the warzone.

Meanwhile our industrial team began setting up the infrastructure to build tech 2 ships and modules. This required multiple stations dedicated to reactions and a lot of time training invention skills.

Upon the advent of the destruction of Selyin and the appearance of wormholes, our industrial guys are again swamped with a breadth of information to digest, hopefully in time to be competitive in the new market.

On the evening of our corporation's birthday, one of our directors, Darth A30NZ called for all the founding members to join him at our research station for an assembly. He asked that we fly our proudest ships. I showed up in my Omen, Navy Issue.

Darth had spent the days previous running to all parts of space to buy these 'Complex Fullerene' shards. He explained that there was an event years ago, in which a Jovian and been killed in a catastrophic event, while trying to use a special gate that he had employed.

Each of the founding members recieved one of these shards, for which we were grateful and excited! I'm going to spend some time researching the stories about the origin of the shards. In the meantime, Happy Birthday Altus Provisio!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Skill Plan

The Skill Plan

After recieving my Elite Certificates for both Amarr Executive Commander and Amarr Engineer, I decided I wanted to work toward flying a Damnation. All I needed was Long Range Targeting V and Logistics IV. In 5 days I will be finishing Logistics IV and am yet again faced with a tough decision about what to train next.

I need hull upgrades V to get the most out of its tank.
I need heavy missiles V to utilize the t2 heavy missile launchers.
Positives are that hull upgrades V will affect all my ships

On the other side, I need to get back to my industrial trainings. Reverse Engineering is the next step in t3 production for our corp. We have artifacts and the experimental labs to research them. This in itself will be a very long skill plan. In the meantime, our corporation waits to reap the benefits of tech 3

Ultimately I chose the Damnation path because I wanted something new to fly. I could say a whole lot more but it would really come down to needing a new toy. And I will probably go ahead and do hull upgrades V because I've been putting it off for too long.

This all got me to wondering what other capsuleers consider when choosing their skill plans. It would be interesting to hear what has caused people to take specific training paths in their careers.

What makes you train what you train?

Monday, May 4, 2009

EVE Player Blogroll Lovefest & OPML Download

Thanks to CrazyKinux from CrazyKinux' Musings for adding New Eden According to Prophet to the EVE Player Blogroll Lovefest. The lovefest is a compiled list of a lot of bloggers from the EVE community. If you like to read blogs from the EVE community or if you are a blogger yourself, head on over to this link and start clicking the follow button.

Also a salute goes out to Galen_Druid at Wandering Druid of Tranquility for providing the OPML download for the EVE Player Blogroll. This makes it real easy to import all the player blogs into any reader.

Again, Thanks. I'm proud to be part of the community!