Thursday, March 26, 2009

Labyrinth: Takhmal Temple Site

Finally! After almost a month, I was able to complete my archeology training for a return trip to the Takhmal Temple site in the Labyrinth.

When the temple site has a full spawn, it is;
4 - Scramming Frigates
9 - Cruisers
-- 3 - Thorax'
-- 3 - Mallers
-- 3 - Moas
2 - Battleships

The groups spawn in different intervals. The cruisers spawn in their respective groups of 3, the frigs all spawn together, and the battleships spawn together. So if you're in a group, managing aggro can be a bit of a challenge. Whoever has the best tank can hold the aggro from the cruisers and battleships, and the group can repeatedly kill the frigs, or if the group has enough DPS then the entire spawn can be wiped quickly enough.

I'm still unclear on one part though. I didn't find any of the takhmal skillbooks in the temple site. It was my understanding that this was where they would be found. I need to do a bit of research to find out the frequency of high value drops in the temple.

All in all, we made around 20mil with the artifacts and bounties between the three of us, in just over 2hrs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

(OOC) Apology

Sorry for the lack of posts. School finals have taken most of my time this month.

In game, our corporation has been expanding as well, forcing me to prioritize corp management skills. While that is a good thing, archeology IV has been moved to the back burner unfortunately. :(

As soon as everything cools out, and I get archeo IV, I will post a detailed report on the Labyrinth Temple Site.

I've also been working on another piece for the "Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith" short fiction series. I'm excited about moving forward with this series, and looking forward to your comments.

Thanks for reading. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Crusader's Prayer

God, guide my thoughts. Arrest my emotions. Contain my spirit.

Give me the voice to speak your will. Give my enemies the ears to hear it.
If they will hear none, give me the zeal to dispatch them lest I be dispatched.

And please bless our leaders with compassion, and the leaders of our enemies with empathy.

"By His Light and His Will".