Sunday, May 31, 2009

Altus Provisio Retires from the Militia

After spending almost an entire year in the Amarr Militia, Altus Provisio has retired from the war.

It was not an easy decision to come to. Service to the Empire is taken pretty seriously by Altus. In the end, we determined that the best way to serve the Empire was to expand ourselves as much as possible, and hopefully instill in those with whom we associate, some of the values that the Empire has given us.

Our time in the war was well served and memorable. Several of our members achieved the highest rank, "Divine Commodore". I myself was present for battles against multiple Minmatar capital ships, and felt the hard grind of the fight for control of militia systems. Altus will be holding a ceremony to recognize the war heroes in the corp where they will receive medals for their individual efforts.

For now, we have shifted our attention to null-sec. Our corp's industrial needs will only be filled by null-sec resources and it has come time to start forging entryways into the frenzy of competition for high end resources.

So we have joined Violent Society Alliance to even further our ability to provide ships and modules to the people of our Empire. Our journeys will be wrought with peril, and the harsh reality of null-sec could prove colder than we have forseen.

But we are capsuleers, immortal and boundless. There is no battle that can take our lives. We will stand at the end of time, as cold as the space that could not claim us.

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