Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Skill Plan

The Skill Plan

After recieving my Elite Certificates for both Amarr Executive Commander and Amarr Engineer, I decided I wanted to work toward flying a Damnation. All I needed was Long Range Targeting V and Logistics IV. In 5 days I will be finishing Logistics IV and am yet again faced with a tough decision about what to train next.

I need hull upgrades V to get the most out of its tank.
I need heavy missiles V to utilize the t2 heavy missile launchers.
Positives are that hull upgrades V will affect all my ships

On the other side, I need to get back to my industrial trainings. Reverse Engineering is the next step in t3 production for our corp. We have artifacts and the experimental labs to research them. This in itself will be a very long skill plan. In the meantime, our corporation waits to reap the benefits of tech 3

Ultimately I chose the Damnation path because I wanted something new to fly. I could say a whole lot more but it would really come down to needing a new toy. And I will probably go ahead and do hull upgrades V because I've been putting it off for too long.

This all got me to wondering what other capsuleers consider when choosing their skill plans. It would be interesting to hear what has caused people to take specific training paths in their careers.

What makes you train what you train?

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  1. I tend to decide on my skills based on which ship is next in line, and that again is affected by what I am doing in the game or want to do. Support skills that affect many ships have always had a high priority with me.

    While in the first weeks of the game being able to fit everything was enough, and after months having all T2 modules (except weapons) was the standard, these days I aim for full T2 (unless named is required / better) and support skills at least at IV.