Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mapping the Labyrinth

Well I finally bit the bullet, and spent the hours needed to map out a route through the labyrinth! Getting there wasn't that bad though, because I made lots of isk on the way in. :)

The Labyrinth is an Amarr COSMOS site in the Aphi Solar System. It is the location of an ancient Takhmal Temple and is probably the best place in all of known space for an Archeologist to hang out.

In order to enter the Labyrinth, first you need to have completed the missions for The Museum's Curator. The museum is another COSMOS site in the Zimse solar system. You will need the archeology skill just to get in the Museum, and you will definately need it to complete the Curator's missions as he will have you searching for artifacts within the Museum. Once you have completed The Curator's missions, he will give you a 'key to the Labyrinth'. Don't forget to put the key in your cargo holds. :)

When you're ready to enter the Labyrinth, take a battleship to the Aphi system, and warp to the Sun. There you will find the 'Entrance to the Labyrinth'.

The Labyrinth is made up of at least 10 different 'rooms'. These rooms can be distinguished by the placement of the acceleration gates within the room. Using the sun as true north, rotate your view so you are looking down on your ship and the sun is at the top-center of the screen. This is the first room, with the compass directions attached for reference.

Here is a list of the 10 rooms I've mapped so far, labeled with their respective cardinal gate placement:

Room 1 - N, E, S, W ---------------------------------------------- North(to 3), East(to 2)
Room 2 - N, E, SW, NW --------------------------------- North(restricted*), East(to 3)
Room 3 - NE, SE, S, W - Northeast(to 4), Southeast(to 7), South(to 1), West(to 6)
Room 4 - E, S, SW, W -------------------------------------- Southwest(to 5), West(to 8)
Room 5 - N, E, SE, W - West(restricted*), Southeast(to 1), East(to 2), North(to 6)
Room 6 - N, E, S, SW -------- Southwest(to 5), South(to 7), East(to 3), North(to 4)
Room 7 - N, E, SE, S - East(to 5), Southeast(to 1), South(to 6), North(restricted*)
Room 8 - N, SE, W, NW ------------------------------------ Southeast(to 1), West(to 9)
Room 9 - N, NE, E, S -------------------- North(to 6), Northeast(to 10), South(to 4)
Room 10 N, S, SW, W ----------------------------------------------- North(TO TEMPLE)
*All restricted gates are limited to t1/t2 Frigates and Destroyers, t1 Cruisers, and Industrials

The shortest route to the temple site is:
From Room 1 >
North(to 3)
Northeast(to 4)
West(to 8)
West(to 9)
Northeast(to 10)

Bring an Analyzer, and a TANK.
Fly safe! :)


  1. What kind of ISK do you make from this, and is a BS required to actually get to this point? I've no clue at all how these work. But I do have an explorer alt that can do archeology and can fly a crappily fitted BS. I hate missions, but this sounds kind of neat.

  2. Flying around in the rooms on the way to the temple site, there is 1 BS in each room worth either 500k or 750k. Without salvaging, I was able to make around 7mil an hour. You could do this part with any BC or BS with a decent tank, possibly even a Cerb or a Zealot. The temple site however is tough, even for my Abaddon. I would feel much more comfortable in the temple site with a friend in a BS as well :)

    I'll report as soon as I can tell you what the temple site can yeild. I'm sure it will be more than one can make on the way in.

  3. It is, at this point worth noting that without Archeology IV the temple site isn't doable with any sort of efficiency... I sat between two cans for the better part of an hour before getting a successful hit.

    Some of the Takhmal drops are worth quite a bit of isk 100mil - 200mil.

  4. My next blog will have more details on the temple site including screen shots and an NPC spawn list.