Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith: Part 3

I can still hear Darth's voice comming over the coms channel...

"I'm gonna engage him!"

We had returned to the Exit solarsystem to search for the source of those strange signals. Darth had joined me in his Retribution class assault ship, while I was in my cov-ops scan probing ship. There was a lot of hostile movement in the sector. On the way in, we had passed systems with handfulls of known criminals... But we weren't deterred.

Once we were in the Exit system, Darth began searching for cosmic anomallies, while I looked for cosmic signatures. Two hostiles jumped into the system, and immediately started chasing Darth. Darth finally jumped to the Access system and the main aggressor followed him. The second stayed behind to keep an eye on me. After a short time of not being able to find me, he too left.

"I'm gonna engage him!", Darth shouted.

It was an Ishkur, another assault ship, so his chances were fair. I took the opportunity to examine the radar signature I had located. The last thing I heard was Darth saying that his ship's hull was breaking apart...

...Then I passed out, which is not something you want to do in space...

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