Monday, February 16, 2009

T3 Production Chain

I'm already planning my first expedition into wormhole space!

how do i build a strategic cruiser?
reported by CCP Chronotis 2009.02.15 16:10:30
By now you should know that Strategic Cruisers are the new group of modular ships we are adding in Apocrypha and that these ships are assembled from five subsystems which fit into the ship hull/chassis. You should also know that most of the raw materials will be sourced from wormhole space...

...The Short and Sweet Summary
Subsystems and hulls are manufactured from components; components are manufactured from a mix of Sleeper NPC salvage and Polymers. Polymers come from a reaction of minerals and fullerenes. Fullerenes are a new type of harvestable gas. The blueprints or reactions needed to facilitate these are also found within wormhole space.

New Eden Translation
We're going to have to find ways in-and-out of wormhole space with ships that can kill Sleepers(which are using advanced AI), or ships that can mine the new minerals, or harvest the new gas. Of course that ship had better have a way to scan for wormholes, or have a friend that can, else you'll never be able to get your resources to where it matters...

The Production Chain
There are new starbase structures that will be required to run these new reactions, as well as manufacture the hulls and subsystems.

- Polymers
Polymers are going to be made from a reaction of minerals and fullerenes. This will require a regular silo(minerals) and a biochemical silo(fullerenes) as inputs to a polymer reactor w/ the appropriate polymer reaction blueprint, and a polymer silo(polymers) for the output.

- Components
While manufactured on a normal component assembly array, the blueprints for the components can only be found in exploration sites(presumably also in w-space). They will require 3 different types of Sleeper NPC salvage, and 4 different polymer types.

In effect, every member of our corporation, no matter their proffession will have some way to contribute to our T3 production, whether it be through ratting and salvaging in w-space, or mining the new w-space minerals, exploring to find not only the wormhole entrances and exits, but also to find the blueprints and other valuable links in the production chain.

I'm very excited, as an explorer and resource gatherer, and also as a CEO for all the new industrial opportunities this will introduce, including role-playing scenarios. Thumbs up to CCP for concept. I'm anticipating the implementation so much I can't stand myself. :)

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