Thursday, February 19, 2009

Destiny, Loyalty, and Faith: Part 4

I was fully aware of the fact that I was passing out. I could feel the blackness creeping over the back of my skull, and around to the front, closing my vision to pinholes. The funny thing is, once I had passed out completely, I felt lucid.

Everything around me felt real...

I was aboard an Abaddon, in space. I wasn't in my pod however. I was drifting down the main deck toward the forward observation area that extends beyond the capsule encasement chamber. I had only ever been here aboard my own Abaddon for inspections. Then I fell to my knees.

Empress Sarum was standing before me! She spoke, and I went numb, no longer lucid. "This had to be a dream.", I thought.

"There is an event coming.", she said calmly. "It will change the face of New Eden forever. Whether you know it or not, the work you're doing out here is invaluable to The Empire. You and those of your chosen profession, whom are also loyal to God, and their Empire are needed. Be ye not afraid of the 'unknown', surrender yourself to God's will."

...I awoke in "The Scientia". My armor repairers were running, and the radar site had been cleared of the Blood Raiders inhabiting it. In my cargo, were the bounties of codebreaking their terminals. I immediately commanded the ship to warp for the nearest stargate, and began to contemplate the implications of 'the dream'.

I thought, "There's no way The Empress would ever speak to me. I have never been worthy of her presence."

I thought about what Okhansa had said, "I knew you were coming, Prophet. I also know what I need to tell you, even though I don't know what you want to ask...Follow it."

I knew that no matter what I thought, I had to keep looking, following this path of strange signatures and anomalies. I wasn't even sure what I was looking for. I just knew that my God, and my Empress had asked service of me.

And I surrendered...

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